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They want you to be available at certain times of day.

Company Profile – AccuTran Global | Work At Home Resource Guide

A non-disclosure agreement is required when working with AccuTran. AccuTran was frequently mentioned in transcription forums and message boards, as well as blogs and work-at-home websites around the internet. If you have any experience with AccuTran Global, would like to ask a question or leave a comment, fill out the form below. Accutran global work from home computer should be less than 4 years old, have high-speed Internet access, and be capable of downloading and running audio files.

However, I did read on the FAQ forex business opportunity that they are now requiring all their new transcribers to use foot pedals by the time they start the second peak season of work for the company. Continue Reading. You don't have to be available on the same days or at the same times every week.

However, there are other details that I may not have covered. Everyone seems to be saying they are pleasant to work for and pay on time.

Find out about how to apply for a job, pay, qualifications, and hours

They also have a Resources page that you can refer too; to learn what they expect from you with punctuation style. I love working with AccuTran Global. It is my job to call it like I see it so here it goes. Payment plans available, plus financial assistance for military spouses. Hours of Work AccuTran Global asks you to email your availability each Friday for the following week, and you'll be assigned work based on that and the volume of work that needs to be completed.

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Pay rates and job requirements can change at any time. Reviewers compile raw transcribed copy into a complete document, review each section how to get become rich in one days formatting, and correct obvious errors.

For more information and how to apply, check out their website, AccuTranGlobal. It has an operational website and they pay you on the 15th of every month. You need to be alert to the message system if you have indicated you are available, because the work is assigned with little advance notice.

This process must take you no longer than 6 times the length of the audio file — for example, a minute audio file should take you a maximum of 1 hour 60 minutes to transcribe. Even without experience, you may be able to get in if you do well enough on the test. It is recommended you are available a minimum of three hours during one or both of the above times. FREE 5-day general transcription mini e-course — learn what you can earn and what it takes to start!

The amount of time you have after receiving the audio file is pretty strict and this can mean scheduling conflicts. AccuTran Global Hiring Requirements If you are an experienced transcriber, you should have no problem with meeting the requirements.

Users should have the ability to connect via the internet with broadband speed. I have some mixed feelings about the AG website. At others, you will be part-time or casual. AOL instant messaging is used for these communication purposes. ET, and 4 p. I am hoping for some feedback in regards to this particular point.

They claim they are only busy during certain seasons and they don't guarantee work outside of those seasons.

Accutran Global Jobs with Remote, Part-Time or Freelance Options

Must be able to type 70 wpm. You must have great accuracy. Scopists read through real-time, voice-written copy stenography or voice writing while listening to its corresponding audio to catch any errors. Transcribers send an email to AccuTran every Friday indicating their availability for the following week.

The AccTran Global Website

Can you log in and work whenever you want? I guess what I am trying to say is that you will have times that there are no jobs for you to do. Transcriptionists listen to fairly short bits of audio and transcribe them using transcription software and how to work from home as a civil engineer headset.

Technical Requirements You are required to have at least one computer with your own account. What are the technical requirements?

How to Get Paid as a Trancription Specialist With Accutran Global?

The information here about working remotely with AccuTran Global was accurate as of August You will notice that there is no mention of the founders or a name whatsoever. Click here for our complete list of transcription companies.

Maybe you should: If you want medical benefits, this is clearly not the job for you. This is obviously a work from home job and as long as you are living in the US or Canada, you can apply.

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  • It is important to note emails must have the subject line Contractor Query in order to be answered.
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Their scheduled times are 4 a. Yes, as stated above they are based out of Canada, so Canadians are welcome to apply.

Work From Home Transcription for AccuTran Global

The information like that should be easily accessible. The ability to work independently and meet client deadlines while following guidelines precisely is critical for anyone contracting with us.

Anyone looking for a career in transcription. You must type at least 75 wpm accurately 2.

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The company offers real-time captioning, stenography or voice writing, and scoping; financial, medical, and legal transcription services; and transcription for conference calls, press conferences, meetings, interviews, messages, focus groups, and more.

Keep reading to learn about their compensation plan. All of their contractors are required to be available on Thursdays during peak seasons. There are no fees to work with AccuTran, upfront or otherwise. Additionally, they ask that you let them know week to week when you'll be available and they will try to schedule work for you around that.

There are thousands of free tutorials on YouTube or you could check out this Wealthy Affiliate Review if you are looking for an example.

Accutran Global Jobs with Remote, Part-Time, or Freelance Work

Therefore, if you're seriously considering this company, please read over those here. I would imagine that most people that work online love the fact that you can make your own schedule. Most of the work done here involves transcribing financial conference calls and interviews. You also will have to file taxes differently than those who are employees or independent contractors and should consult with a tax professional for additional information.

An how to get become rich in one days of this would be to get a second transcription job online. With that being said, there are some things I did not like about the company, like the strict work schedule. It is a great company to work for!

The seasons are as follows: Payments are made on the 15th of every month via check or wire transfer for work done work at home opportunities for the disabled previous month. With more experience you can qualify for jobs such as a Reviewer, which basically reviews the work transmitted by the entry level transcribers for errors, Editors, and Realtime writers.

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You will need to be able to transcribe 70 words per minute minimum and a typing test is part of the application process. Since there are peak job times, this job is set up to be a supplemental income rather than a full time job with benefits.

  1. The work is not considered to be full-time.
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  3. AccuTran Global
  4. There is no extensive technical support available.
  5. I think the testimonials are beneficial to a certain extent but not many people care about what Kim S.

I think the testimonials are beneficial to a certain extent but not many people care about what Kim S. Are you serious about pursuing a career forex ruotsin kruunun kurssi transcription? Accutran Global is a full service transcription company meaning medical, financial, legal, etc.

The busiest times of day for transcription are 8 a. The other drawback is the fact that newbies would most likely fail the test.

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Skills and Requirements In order to work with AccuTran you must have great command of the English language, including spelling and grammar, as well as comprehension and listening skills. If you're interested, you'll need to email them and ask about it. How does the application process work?

What do you think? Have you ever considered a work-at-home job doing transcription?