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Which Sports Unlimited football gear is the best?

Most high school or college football players don’t have to worry about buying football equipment because schools usually provide the equipment. The school or football program usually purchases equipment such as shoulder pads, helmets, pants, and tackle dummies. But what if you are the coach, manager or staff responsible for purchasing the equipment? Or maybe you’re a player who prefers to use your own gear or needs additional items. Sports Unlimited is a nationally known football equipment distributor and is reliable when you need high quality football equipment. If you are looking for Sports Unlimited football gear that provides multiple types of padding in one pant, then the Sports Unlimited Adult 7-Pad Integrated Football Belt is the first choice.

What to know before buying Sports Unlimited football equipment


Your position in football determines what soccer equipment which you need in some cases. If you’re playing quarterback, you’ll need to know all the appropriate plays for the game you’re playing. An easy way to remember plays is for quarterbacks, coaches, and other players to use a wristband sleeve to print out a playsheet and put it in the sleeve. Football gloves can be beneficial if you want to add grip to your hands or want to protect them. If you are more interested in catching balls, catcher’s gloves are more suitable. Lineman gloves will be best for those who play primarily with their hands engaged with other players or on the ground.


Sports Unlimited has some of the best training equipment for pre-game practices and warm-ups. You can use the company’s tackle rings as a training tool to practice tackling safely. A good tackle has been a concern for all levels of football, so having a tackle ring is soft, durable and excellent for practicing solid technique.


When it comes to the Sports Unlimited football gear you wear, having the right size affects comfort, flexibility and ventilation. Equipment that is too tight leads to a lack of ventilation, which prevents perspiration from drying out effectively. Gear that’s too tight can cause tearing during gameplay, shortening the life of your purchase, and potentially endangering a player if their padding tears during playtime. Wearing gear that’s too loose can be just as bad, because loose pads are extremely dangerous and can put you at risk of injury from blows because the pads do not fit snugly on your body.

What to look for in quality Sports Unlimited football gear


Padding is necessary for all types of equipment, whether it is a helmet, a tackle ring, pants or shoulder pads. Sports Unlimited football equipment uses excellent padding and cushioning for its equipment, which can be adjustable in some cases. The shoulder pads have padding that you can adjust to be comfortable while playing.

Certified for use in official games

You can use all Sports Unlimited football equipment accordingly in football matches and training. So you don’t have to worry about having shoulder pads that aren’t allowed unless your league or organization has specific rules in place.

How much you can expect to spend on Sports Unlimited football gear

Sports Unlimited football gear starts around $10 and goes up to $200. If you need simple gear such as gloves, pants, visors, and wristbands, these will range from $10 to $60. Depending on their construction, football pads can cost between $100 and $200. Training equipment such as tackle dummies can cost up to $300.

Sports Unlimited Football Equipment FAQs

What equipment do I need for football?

A. The equipment required to play tackle football includes a jersey, mouth guard, shoulder pads, helmet, cleats and pants with pads. Football pants will have pockets to place thigh, hip and knee pads and then there is usually a belt which will help attach a tailbone pad to the pants. More modern pants may have built-in pads, and you won’t have to remove the pads from the pants.

Do you wear a football cup?

A. It is common for players not to wear cups in football and other sports, but the gear can protect the genitals from harmful impacts. Many pants or girdles will have a pocket to place a cup in the designated area so you can slip it in easily.

What is the best Sports Unlimited football gear to buy?

Top Sports Unlimited Football Equipment

Sports Unlimited Adult 7-Pad Integrated Football Belt

What do you want to know: Featuring seven built-in pads, this sheath can simply be thrown in the washing machine when you want to clean it.

What you will love: The belt includes hip, thigh, knee and tailbone pads, giving you all the padding you need to play tackle football. The pads are sewn on, so you don’t have to worry about the pads falling off, especially when washing the sheath.

What you should consider: The seams may come loose after a full season of tackle football.

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Top Sports Unlimited Football Gear for the Money

Sports Unlimited Clutch Adult Football Gloves Receiver

Sports Unlimited Clutch Adult Football Gloves Receiver

What do you want to know: Offering four different colors, including stylish gold designs, these receiver gloves look stylish but have a breathable design for added comfort.

What you will love: The gloves are SFIA certified so you can use them in high school and in the NCAA. There’s extra grip on the thumb and forefinger areas of the glove, helping you make those catches on the pitch.

What you should consider: Minimal padding provided on gloves.

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Worth checking out

Net World Sports Soccer Equipment Ring

Net World Sports Soccer Equipment Ring

What do you want to know: The high density foam used in this tackle ring ensures that this gear will withstand constant days of training during the football season.

What you will love: This ring can be used with adult or youth players as it can help players develop proper and safe tackling skills. The vinyl coating helps the ring dry quickly in wet conditions and won’t tear easily after constant use.

What you should consider: It is one of the brand’s most premium products.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

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