Day Trading Strategy | How to Trade The FOMC Announcement

Fomc trading strategy. Day Trading Strategy | How to Trade The FOMC Announcement

FOMC Trading Strategy - Crude Oil, Emini, Nasdaq, Gold & Euro

Share Now! Most traders expect to see the ES futures run opposite to the safe haven gold prices around the Fed announcement, which is not always the case. These movements typically last during the day before the prevailing trend resumes. When it comes to the futures markets, here is a quick list of some of the futures contracts that can be the most volatile to the Fed announcements.

FOMC Forex Trading Strategy

First of all, what is the FOMC? Alternatively, you can scale in to this trade with half size at the 21 EMA, and then add the remaining half to your position at the EMA.

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When trading around the Fed meeting, traders should pay attention to the broader context and understand at what cycle or stage in the monetary policy we currently are. We have just introduced this as in the last month we have had a lot of inquiries on learning how to trade the financial markets.

Do NOT execute any trade at this point yet. Therefore, the most important rule when day trading futures around the Fed announcement is to follow a very disciplined strategy without having the emotions get in the way. Using Platinums Trading system you can take many Pips out of the market.

RecoveryMode - this parameter activates the drawdown recovery.

For the most part, traders who pay attention to the markets a week ahead of the Fed meeting will get a broad idea of what the markets are expecting from the Fed meeting. Needless to say, these FOMC announcement dates take higher precedence than any normal Fed announcement dates.

How to Day Trade Futures During a Fed Announcement

The first 1-hour candle closed with indecision but this was later followed by a strong breakout to the upside and the trend continued to push on higher. There is quite a bit of volatility when it comes to the Fed announcement and winners can quickly turn into losers and vice versa. Hawkish fed announcement typically means that the central bank is optimistic on the U.

Know the ranges of your currency pairs.

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Step 2: The best way to trade the Fed announcement is to look at trading breakouts which can offer short term profits quickly. How to become a profitable Trader.

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Strategies to be used Here are three scenarios for the marketplace: C The FED promises another hike in December then we will see will see a whipsaw in the market and not considerable change in market conditions.

This is a prepared statement that is released on every FOMC meeting. Step by step guide from a senior trader on how to approach and trade these events 2. Investors can choose to hold Treasury notes until maturity or sell early.

Which Fed announcements are the most important?

Step 4: Platinum analysts are expecting No Change in the Statement. Then plot the 21 and exponential moving averages EMA on your chart. Till now most of you will be accustomed to the term Quantitative easing this is called quantitative tightening. There is no minimum ownership term. While trading the intraday breakouts is straightforward, the above chart shows how you could have shorted gold futures since September when price started to post lower highs.

The Federal Reserve Monetary Policy Meetings

The dot plot is also released alongside the SEP and creates quite a buzz. Although the central bank's policies are targeted towards controlling the short term interest rates, they have far reaching implications across the yield curve.

Within the eight scheduled meetings, some FOMC meetings are more important than the others. If there is a surprise rate hike the market could see over pip moves in the 6 majors. GDP and inflation. What follows is Wave C which is in the same direction as the initial move Wave A. Platinum Analysts will be observing the Year Treasury Note very closely.

Incidentally this is the same date when the Feds announced QE3. Till now most of you will be accustomed to the term Quantitative easing this is called quantitative tightening.

B If the FED increases the interest rate then we shall see the dollar charge and a move of over pips on the euro and sterling but this is not anticipated by Platinum Analysts. Neutral fed announcement is rare and depending on which part of the cycle this comes, the markets will react accordingly. This initial move in the market is tagged as the true direction of the trend, but it is advisable not to initiate an entry order just yet.

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For the average retail day trader, the Fed announcement days are perhaps one of the most widely watched and anticipated events, which clearly overshadows the volatility that comes with nonfarm payroll Fridays. Of course, this new policy of communications clearly with the markets brought forth a can of worms, with the occasional surprising remarks made by one of the FOMC voting members that would suddenly move the markets.

In the year after the zirp ending in Decemberthe Statement has minor changes and as a note of observance every time. All of these notes, along with Treasury bills and bonds, can be purchased directly from the U.

The Fomc trading strategy Reserve holds the meeting for two-days following which the Fed announcement is made.


The Fed announcement is usually released at or GMT 1 or 2 p. It was only since the global financial crisis did the Fed become more proactive in communicating with the markets, a trend that began to evolve since the days of Alan Greenspan. If the above scenario happens which in our opinion we could see an initial spike down on euro, cable and vice versa for the swissy and yen and then we could see trend continuation for the next three days.

Basic Entry Rule: A The FED does not increase the interest rate by 0. The release of this report can also be influential in the markets as market participants view this report as a rough guide to where the central bank expects the U.

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The Federal Reserve schedules eight meetings during the year and holds other meetings when needed. The time of the announcement is crucial here for this strategy and although this can vary from time to time, it is usually at 7: However, nothing is as simple as plotting simple horizontal lines to mark the range and trade the breakout out.

A year Treasury note pays interest at a fixed rate once every six months and pays the face value to the holder at maturity. They can also be purchased indirectly through a bank or broker. More importantly, take the profits off the table and do not let greed get the better of you.

Due to the fact many retail day traders prefer to day trade emini futures, breakouts during the FOMC meetings are the most ideal way to trade. They also make decisions as to whether to increase or decrease the money supply, known as Quantitative Easing QE.

Alternately, a neutral statement after hawkish statements could mean either that the economy could slow or the pace of growth will continue.

FOMC - Federal Open Market Committee News & Analysis

We can get you on the successful path of becoming a Financial Trader. It goes without saying that the Fed's meetings or the FOMC meetings are one of the volatile events on the economic calendar. This is because some of the Fed announcements are followed up by a press conference held by the Fed president.

Stop Loss for Long Entry: While there is potential to trade multiple commodities or instruments at the same time, having too many positions to monitor around a volatile economic event such as the central bank monetary policy decision will expose you to distraction resulting in mismanagement of your trades. ICE Futures U. An advantage of investing in year Treasury notes and other federal government securities is that the interest payments are exempt from state and local income tax.

Fomc trading strategy also sells valutor forex arlanda with two, three, five and seven-year terms. Close half your position once you have made 3 points on the trade, bring your stop to breakeven, and then use a trailing stop on the 21 EMA for the remaining half.

The Algorithm predicts the extreme ranges for a currency pair on any given trading day. Therefore as a thumb rule, focus on one or two markets at best, take into account the current context and choose a market that can give you your desired profits.

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As a trader, all you should be looking at is when will the next interest rate hike be and watch out for that slippery comment from the FED! EDT There is also an archive of the past meetings with relevant documents and supporting materials.

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The meeting dates are published upfront and sinhala forex indicators be accessed by anyone from this URL. These Fed meetings are usually when important decisions on interest rates and monetary policy are taken, as the press conference allows Fed officials more flexibility in explaining their stance to the markets.

The latest policy statement from the Federal Reserve is due at 2 p. FOMC Federal Funds Rate There have been various rumours about another rate hike before the end of the year but platinum analysts do not think the time will be now. Prior to his term, the Fed was mostly tightlipped on its "open market" operations, leaving much of the market blindsided.

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We use this to our advantage to take perfect reversals of news releases. We shorted the market by scaling in at the 21 and EMAs. The Money hours automated binary options trading the 20th of September starts at Have a fantastic day! This could be a great way to sell the rallies in a downtrend or to buy the dips in an uptrend.

Ensure you have an effective trailing stop in place, this will enable you lock in profits in the event things get crazy.

FOMC Forex Trading Strategy

Thanks for reading! However, they are still taxable at the federal level. If trailing stops are triggered by any sudden retracement hen following the trend.