Publisher launches new football app as part of major investment campaign

Regional publisher Archant today launched the first in a series of new apps as part of what it calls a “major investment in interactive information platforms.”

The company is planning “dozens” of new applications aimed at particular communities of interest through its patch with help from the Google News Initiative.

The first to go live earlier today was The Rose ‘A +, which takes its name from the heritage of the Norwich City football brand.

Priced at £ 1.99 per month, subscribers will have exclusive access to content created by the Eastern Daily Press reporting team in Norwich City. predictors, polls and fan chat.

Development is now underway to launch many more services in the coming months, each focused on specific geographic communities or common interests.

Support from the Google News Initiative finances the technology and enables the recruitment of specialized teams.

Archant CEO Lorna Willis said, “This extremely exciting initiative is at the very heart of our vision: to build a sustainable business around our communities.

“Audiences will be able to enjoy the most engaging and rewarding content produced by top journalists, correspondents, commentators, podcasters and videographers however they want – and all with just one click. “

“We have long believed that our brands should be ubiquitous. Now, whether you are passionate about your city, following a local sports team, or interested in business news, agro-technology or the energy sector to name a few examples, we will make it easy for you access to brilliant content and a user experience like no other.

“Google’s support allows us to innovate, to experiment, to take calculated risks and ultimately to create something quite different from what has been seen before.”

Enchanting Editor-in-Chief Jeremy Clifford added, “We invest heavily to provide our readers with unique, in-depth, quality and exclusive content, whether through reporting, analysis and commentary, or through new podcasts and videos. Our PinkUn + is just the start.

“We will be building new apps around new content areas and converting our loyal readers on existing brands to the awesome new app platform. “

Natalie Gross, Google Product Manager for Local News Experiences, said, “We are pleased to support Archant’s continued experimentation in the local news space and its efforts to better serve their communities at the digital age.

“With the Pink Un +, the Archant team listened carefully to readers to put together this experimental product. We look forward to continuing to see their product line evolve and grow in response to the needs of readers. “

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