Retro Bowl is the throwback soccer game you must play

Are you in the mood for even more NFL action and looking for another waste of time on your smartphone? Boy, I have news for you. Retro bowl is the perfect game for the wheelchair quarterback and it’s probably the most fun game I’ve had in a mobile game in years.

Retro bowl

If you remember playing Tecmo bowl, you’ll likely get some serious waves of nostalgia just by looking at the screenshots. The game is not exactly like Tecmo bowl, corn Retro bowl clearly takes inspiration from 1987 football matches and adds its own charm.

It’s a bit of a mix between an arcade game and a simulation game; you become the coach of an NFL franchise and you are responsible for managing your staff and roster each week. Players and coaches are in high spirits, fans will turn on you if you continue on a losing streak, and there’s a salary cap to manage as you recruit new players, sign free agents, and trade.

The gameplay is pretty straightforward, giving you a random play call whenever you can choose to pass the ball or run it. Quarterbacks are only two minutes long and the defense is simulated, so you can take out matches pretty quickly. I finished an entire season in about two sessions.

Honestly, Retro bowl seems to be one of those games that strikes the perfect balance between mobile gameplay mixed with strategic elements without getting too bogged down in numbers and simulations. It’s quirky, it’s fun, and it’s something you can play for a few hours after work or knock out a few games on your lunch break. Either way, you’re about to build the next NFL dynasty right on your smartphone.

The free version of the game lets you play around five games first, but the full version costs just $ 0.99. There’s no advertising, and the only other microtransactions are for additional Coaching Points that make it easier to sign free agents, upgrade your stadium, or sign up coaches. The game is pretty well balanced without the need to spend money on IAP, so check it out through the Play Store and App Store links below.

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