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An entertaining and insightful review.

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That means the two biggest measures of scamming in stock trading is 1, do they trade with real money? Also note that como invertir en divisas forex is not as easy for Canadians to follow this program as most of the brokerages he uses and recommends are not available in Canada.

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This is a practical training that will teach you how to make money, so if you put that in perspective, the cost is reasonable. Will they actually teach you how to trade? There are some haters that say that Ross is a fraud, that he does not show his real statements, that his earnings are not real, etc.

Best Day Trading Courses in the Market! The links to these webinars were then emailed to me later… These are obviously prerecorded…. Valuable trade alerts, tons of education, and a supportive community. I wanted to know that Ross trades with real money.

Does the Warrior Trading Community provide actual value? The marketing was convincing and I got the impression that Ross was sincere and legit. This is complete BS.

The Truth Exposed by Former Trading Student

While some chat rooms are text based only, meaning you have to wait for the moderator to type that he took a position, Warrior Trading has live audio. This is in stark contrast to other rooms that want you to start buying their trade alerts with real money ASAP.

All the best. Side note: Then somebody messaged me on Twitter and told me Warrior Trading is a scam you can follow Warrior Trading on Twitter daytradewarrior. I really liked the program, forex wolfe wave indicator covered all the basics and it gave me access to the chat and the simulator, so I decided to upgrade to the Warrior Pro program.

I would give Warrior Trading a 4.

  1. So before spending money at Warrior Trading I investigated the claim.
  2. Does the Warrior Trading Community provide actual value?
  3. Warrior Trading Scam – The Truth Exposed by Former Trading Student

Would it benefit the community if I start to publish their stories? So you will buy the 3 month membership and then still buy the chatroom and simulator subscriptions for a year or so after that.

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One key aspect that I think the reviewer and anyone else reading my thoughts should consider is trading anything has an inherent risk to it. So if you thought the 3 month training access was expensive, you can double or triple that and that will be the real cost of your education. I enrolled in early January I have had the experience of riding a stock into the ground, convinced it was about to turn around, and now I see how ridiculous that is.

The Verdict Is In This Warrior Trading review finds an impressive community that is a huge value for beginner traders. Easy come, easy go. The trading simulator is a buggy at times but for the most part a great learning tool.

Warrior Trading runs a chat room that provides screen share so you can see charts and scanners, and allows Ross to broadcast live audio and video. This site might want to make that more clear, just a suggestion.

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Then I got an amazing email from Ross: It usually takes me a couple of hours to write words. It is expensive but you get a certain quality of character from the people in the chat room for example. Like I said, I was a moron. People that plunked down their money and took the ride. Any guesses as to why? I have been in the chat room for well over a year now and I see individual accounts everyday of their losses and gains and people really are making money and I have some days although I am still learning.

They introduced a new simulator about 2 weeks ago, which has been helpful.

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Warrior Trading instead tells traders that failure is common. As a technology guy, I thought I would be a smart technology stock trader. Warrior Trading does verify the trades by their primary trader, Ross Cameron. There are a few things you want to look at.

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I never write reviews about anything, so in case that you are thinking that this one was written by someone from Warrior Trading, let me assure you that it is not the case. I get it.

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Ross is wearing exact same clothes and saying exact same things… the only difference was the different names of people attending in chat… but not all the chat names were different — Henry and Micheal were mixed in there… and Ross called out there comments.

Trade alerts, education, trading plans, a trading simulator, etc.

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Warrior Trading Community The Warrior Trading chat room typically has traders in attendance each day. Warrior Trading Review: I purchased the Warrior Pro membership and though it was very expensive I saved and went ahead.

But if not, at least it inspired some of us to search for legit resources.

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So in summary, and again, my opinion; the course material is lengthy and extremely thorough and you get what you paid for. Make of that whatever you will.

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Trolling is extremely prevalent in the online trading industry. This was important to me. I know for a fact that he shows his real statements, but let's say for the sake of argument that they were not real, at the end of the day you are paying for an education, for someone to teach you all about day trading, which he does very well.

The broker statements definitively answer this question. For that kind of money you should at the very least be allowed lifetime access to the instructional videos. On top of that be prepared to purchase memberships for different stock scanners warrior trading strategy charting companies with can add up quickly as well.

Some of them are actually really good and well worth your money, while others are a total rip off.

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I wanted to make sure that I was not going to waste my money, so looked for reviews related Warrior Trading. I also downloaded his free e-book. Every single day in the room you feel like you are at school for day trading.