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There is no longer any off-season for footballers. If you’re one of them, staying in “football” shape is a year-round necessity to ensure you’re ready to go when the season rolls around. Holidays don’t exist when it comes to worrying about nutrition and taking care of your body.

But if you want to be at the top of your game at the start of the football season, the time to put in the extra effort comes months before the first kick-off. This includes improving your training and ensuring you have the best equipment available.

To help you get started, we’ve reviewed and ranked the best fitness products on the market, all with the aim of getting you ready for the 2022 season.

  1. Best Football BootsAdidas Freak Ultra 22 Cleats
  2. Best training ladderGHB Pro Agility Ladder
  3. Best rear rollerAcumobility back roller
  4. Best catch trainerSKLZ Reactive Capture Trainer
  5. Best Blocking BufferGo Sports Blocking Mat
  6. Best Agility RingsYes4All Ultimate Agility Rings
  7. Best Breathable Football GlovesAdidas Adizero Big Mood Gloves
  8. Best Workout SetBig B Pro Sports Agility Training Set
  9. The best football gloves for gripNike Vapor Jet 5.0 Football Gloves
  10. best training ropeAdidas Speed ​​Rope
Adidas freak ultra 22 cleats

You’ll make a lasting impression on the pitch with these slip-ons Adidas Freak Ultra 22 Football Boots. They’re designed for a sock-like fit, so they fit your foot comfortably without being too restrictive or hampering your performance. Their midsoles are also designed to absorb shock and add some bounce to your step.

Adidas Freak Ultra 22 cleats ($180,

Pro GBB Agility Ladder

This 12 rungs GHB Pro Agility Ladder aims to help you go faster, build leg strength and improve your overall balance. Plus, it will also help you develop faster footwork while burning calories. Each rung is 17 inches and you can adjust the spacing between the rungs up to 15 inches using the ladder’s nylon straps – it also extends 20 feet.

GHB Pro Agility Ladder ($16.99,

acumobility back roller

Stretching and taking care of your muscles are important parts of your football fitness program. After all, your strength and agility won’t do you any good if your muscles are tight. The Acumobility eliminates back strain with its unique design of rows, bumps and a spinal groove. It’s extremely durable with a 1,000 pound weight limit, so it’s perfect for players of all positions and sizes.

Acumobility Back Roller ($69.99,

sklz reactive capture trainer

No matter what position you play, coordination is key. The SKLZ Reactive Capture Trainer looks like a boomerang that you can throw at different angles and speeds to develop and maintain your hand-eye coordination and reaction time. Its three points, rounded ends and central component design forces your mind and body to make quick decisions in the moment. It even comes with online programming and content designed by certified trainers.

SKLZ Reactive Catch Trainer ($29.99,

Go Sports Blocking Mat

Simulate contact drills and prepare for the physical rigors that come with kicking and punching. The GoSports blocking pad is constructed with sturdy materials and features five strategically located reinforced handles that make the cushion much more controllable than blocking cushions with the typical two-handle design. Its core contains a high-density foam that absorbs shocks and its surface is made of a ripstop composite surface. This blocking block is five inches tall and measures 26 inches long and 16 inches wide.

GoSports blocking pad ($49.18,

yes4all ultimate agility rings

Improve your agility and speed with this set of six hexagonal rings. Easy to install, these rings and their connection clips allow them to be quickly and simply arranged in the desired configuration. This means you’ll spend less time handling them and more time using them for footwork training.

Yes4All Ultimate Agility Rings ($28.99,

adidas adizero big mood gloves

When it’s time to grab and run, you can count on these Adidas Adizero Big Mood Compression Gloves. That’s because they feature Grip Tack technology, a tacky adhesive material designed to improve grip in all climates and weather conditions. The gloves also have a four-way stretch zone for the back of your hand, so you won’t feel a restrictive pull when closing your hand. These gloves provide a real feel when the soccer ball hits your palm – and they improve your ability to perform the toughest catches and elusive transfers.

Adidas Adizero Big Mood Gloves ($55,

big b pro sports agility training set

If you are a trainer or someone looking for a variety of workout gear in one collection, the Big B Pro Sports Speed ​​and Agility Training Set probably has everything you need. Create your own agility course using the speed ladder and drill cones, or build up your endurance with the set’s jump rope and racing parachute. It even comes with five resistance bands to build muscle strength. The set also comes with a handy carry bag so you can set up your course and train anywhere.

Big B Pro Sports Speed ​​and Agility Training Set ($40.99,

nike vapor jet 5.0 football gloves

The Nike Vapor Jet 5.0 Football Gloves are specially designed to give your palm a larger gripping surface. This surface also incorporates Nike’s patented sticky grip technology, allowing you to secure the ball with greater ease. The glove has a light padding that does a great job of protecting your thumbs without making the glove too heavy. You get a solid grip, great flexibility and enhanced finger protection in one set of gloves.

Nike Vapor Jet 5.0 Soccer Gloves ($59.95,

adidas speed rope

Never underestimate the training benefits of a good speed rope. The Adidas Speed ​​Rope offers smooth, continuous rotation to help you find and maintain your jumping rhythm. This is thanks to its ball bearing mechanism which evenly distributes weight and force, which also helps create a consistent arc. This speed rope is made of rubber and is nearly 10 feet long. And its padded foam handles keep your palms and wrists comfortable for long cardio sessions.

Adidas Speed ​​Rope ($16.90,

What equipment is needed for football training?

Football players should wear protective gear including a helmet, shoulder pads, thigh and knee pads, gloves, mouth guard and, in most cases, a jockstrap. And of course, you will also need a soccer ball. Other commonly used training equipment includes blocking pads and agility props like cones and ladders.

How much does football equipment cost?

Fully outfitting college and pro football players costs at least $1,000 and only goes up from there. Youth or high school football players can usually be kitted out for $300-400, though that doesn’t include practice gear, which can add another $50-200.

What do you wear under football pants?

Most football players wear a football belt under their pants. The belt keeps protective pads in place around the thighs, knees, hips and buttocks. It can also contain a jockstrap.

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