EA’s new NCAA college football game is coming summer 2023

EA’s new NCAA college football sim is still on track for a summer 2023 release, college sports institutions have confirmed.

EA’s college football games are returning in mid-2023, according to new reports. A while ago, EA confirmed that it was making a new NCAA game for its EA Sports label after roughly 10 years without a game in the franchise. Now, official CLC branches have brushed aside EA to reveal a release window for the game.

“EA’s goal is to release a standalone college football game in July 2023, allowing for the two-year game development window needed to collect game assets and develop the game to meet current market demands for a unique college football game while following NCAA guidelines,” the Collegiate Licensing Corporation said Bonus Points in 2021.

Fast forward to the present, CLC said the release date still stands: “…development of the game is in full swing and the launch target remains summer 2023.”

The EA Sports brand is also making another transformational change in 2023 by dropping the FIFA name. Next year’s big football game will be dubbed EA Sports FC instead of the annualized FIFA title. Throughout 2023, EA will have at least three major sports games in the market with NCAA ’23, EA Sports FC and its annualized Madden game.

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