How to Watch/Listen/Stream Minnesota’s 2022 Spring Football Game

For those wondering how to watch, listen to or stream the Minnesota Gophers Spring Football Game, check out the information below.

When: Saturday at 1:00 p.m. CST

TV: Big Ten Network

Diffusion: Available through the FoxSports app or found HERE

Radio: KFAN (100.3 FM) OR post it here

Vegas betting line: If you find one, I’ll laugh at you

Time: 48 degrees and pouring rain, so the game is moved inside the training center

Here are some quotes from Minnesota head coach PJ Fleck from earlier in the week.

Stain: “All this year we’ve been talking about ‘busting the boredom’. And I think they did. We keep it really simple for them…we need to be able to keep our floor continuously rising. And I think we did. I think there are a lot of young players who have a ton of reps. And they handle it very well. These guys who just arrived here take reps and run everything we normally do and are there a lot and take the calls they normally get.

We put a lot of things on their plate and they reacted very well. And creating depth is the key to spring in my opinion. We know what some guys can do, like we know what John Michael (Schmitz) can do. We know what Mo Ibrahim can do. We know what Tyler Nubin, Jordan Howden and Justin Walley can do, but what about the other guys? And then everyone kept improving. But it’s a fun moment because you’re really developing that floor and not in a bad way. The higher the ground, the better you can be on a team. I really like our progress so far.”

Stain: “I think that comes up in almost every conversation. I think you’re going to bring it up because it’s the big elephant in the room.

I can never be directly involved and I tell them exactly what I can and cannot do. You let them know your views and opinions on it and how you use it in your program and how your players have used it in their program. But there is so much outside influence in all of this that we have no control over, nor can we control it. But we do everything we can internally to educate our players, and then we educate the rookies and what our expectations would be if they came here.

But there are massive amounts of opportunity in the Twin Cities and across the state of Minnesota for everyone to take advantage of when they’re here. If you build the right relationships, do whatever it takes and represent yourself in a first-class manner.

But like I said before, the NIL is a college football-changing play. I’m doing well. I’ve said this before, but like with the transfer portal, if it’s good for the student-athlete, then I’m all for it. We have benefited from the transfer portal. And some people left who are very good players.

When you look at the NIL, is it really good for student-athletes? Absolutely

Can we sometimes abuse it? I’m sure.

But when you look at what it’s for, it’s for the student-athlete and I’m willing to adapt as you go through it. You must or you will die on the vine. But that doesn’t mean you change your morals and your ethics and the way you run your program and things like that, but you have to be able to adapt and be open to changes in college football.”

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