LSE tech center launches low-cost rexine for the football industry


Lahore – Researchers at the Lahore School of Innovation and Technology Center have started a new rexine grant project to help Sialkot football manufacturers overcome the high cost of imported rexine. As part of this project, over 70 companies from the Sialkot football sector were invited to an event where 30 companies were selected to receive vouchers from the Lahore School of Economics which can be used to purchase football. High quality foreign rexine with a big discount.

This initiative was launched as part of the new Center for Innovation and Technology at the Lahore School of Economics. This Center for Innovation and Technology will conduct cutting-edge research on the role of innovation and technology in economic growth and development. The Lahore School of Economics research team has been carrying out internationally renowned research on technology in the football sector in Sialkot for 5 years with the support of the government of Punjab and the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce. This research was jointly conducted by researchers from the Lahore School of Economics, Columbia University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The Innovation and Technology Center is currently engaged in an international project to compare technology and productivity in Pakistan’s garment sector and will also assess technology and productivity in Sialkot football sector and articles sector. surgical Sialkot.

Dr Azam Amjad Chaudhry (Dean and Professor, Lahore School of Economics), Professor Shamyla Chaudry (Professor, Lahore School of Economics) and Tariq Raza (Project Coordinator, Lahore School of Economics) led the rexine grant event. They welcomed participants from the football sector and explained the essential role of innovation and technology in increasing productivity and production as well as increasing exports for the sector.

Dr Azam Amjad Chaudhry then discussed the Lahore School’s new innovation and technology sector and how it will promote advanced technology in the Sialkot football sector and explained how the new project The rexine grant will enable companies to produce better quality soccer balls that have the potential to increase exports. Dr Chaudhry also discussed the plan to launch an innovation fund to promote innovative ideas in Punjab. Dr Eric Verhoogen from Columbia University also discussed Pakistani football export trends and how manufacturers will need to focus on productivity to compete with global players like China.

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