Otro football app: the ‘world fan club’ gives insight into the lives of David Beckham, Lionel Messi and more | London Evening Standard


digital fan club that hopes to give fans a glimpse into the lives of their favorite footballers launched on Monday.

“Football Entertainment Platform” Otro has been dubbed football’s answer to Spotify because it curates content for players around the world.

This premium service offers subscribers exclusive interviews, live Q&A, documentaries, movies and live chats for £ 3.99 per month, in a subscription model that has been compared to Spotify.

People can also sign up for a free service both online and on the app, but it only offers basic updates.

Otro says the platform gives fans “unprecedented access and an authentic view” of top players, but it has come under fire for monetizing their appetite for football.

The bosses say the app’s ultimate goal will be to create a global fan club where those who sign up can win prizes such as meetups and greetings.

CEO Jeremy Dale said, “Football fans around the world want a deeper connection with their heroes and that’s where OTO comes in.

“Our team of players exceeds even my wildest dreams and I know the fans will love when they come together to form a club where they share their stories.

“We specifically designed OTRO to be a community where members and players engage directly. These players are the founding members of OTRO and they are now inviting their fans to join their other club.”

Otero has reportedly received backing of around £ 50million from 23 Capital, a sports and entertainment finance lender.

Jason Traub, CEO and Founder, said: “23 Capital’s funding and expert knowledge in the sports, music and entertainment industries have been essential in helping to create and build OTRO.

“With approximately 3.5 billion fans worldwide, football is a major driver of online content.

“OTRO is a digital fan club that brings together high quality content and curated by many of the world’s leading footballers into a unique digital offering for fans.

“It breaks new ground by creating a platform where players can maximize their digital IP while connecting with their fans through their love of football.”

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